The Melanie Kato Adventure Series

June Kato’s daughter Melanie has grown up and leaves the nest in this fun adventure series. Like mother, like daughter: Melanie has a way of finding excitement and maybe a little too much trouble. Follow Melanie as she leaps from one adventure to the next, until she finally settles down to start a family of her own.

AWAY  Overwhelmed with attention from every corner of her life, teenager Melanie Kato explores a route into the future, something she is keeping secret from everyone until the very last moment. Melanie knows she would be throwing away once in a lifetime opportunities, but she needs to do things her own way, something she learned from her mother. When her plans are finally revealed, both mother and daughter get the surprise of a lifetime.

FAITH  When Melanie Kato enlists in the Air Force, her trainers scrape the surface of her youthful exterior and discover hidden talents. Relying on her innate toughness and resiliency, she is sent for advanced training as a Special Forces medic. Before she can take a deep breath, Melanie is quickly thrust into the hyper-masculine world of Search and Rescue. It isn’t long before she is jumping into excitement from one end of the Korean Demilitarized Zone to the other.

RISK  Just out of the military and with a gap year before medical school starts, Melanie needs to earn big time money to pay her looming tuition bills. One way would be to wear a push-up bra while waiting tables and pander for generous tips. Another would be to pretend to fall in love with a sugar daddy. But she was raised to believe hard work and dedication is what brings the best results in life.

QUEST  Having slipped past her prime, an athlete takes one last shot at Olympic success. Much to everyone’s surprise, Melanie makes the highly competitive US swim team. But her trip to the Games is fraught with peril when political maneuvering threatens her participation. After calling in a favor, she lands in a courtroom fighting for her chance to represent her nation. When her chance finally comes to prove her swimming prowess, Melanie makes a sacrifice few others would ever consider.
Don’t miss this story that overflows with twists and turns, and last chances at athletic glory.

MISSION  When Melanie Kato packs her bags for a medical mission in Africa, she doesn’t realize how long or busy a year can be. No sooner does she start working in a small community hospital than she is over-whelmed with unusual cultures, incomprehensible languages, and strange food. Throw in big game hunters, a wayward teenager, and a witch doctor, and Melanie has something to write home about. But when those hunters turn to poaching, Melanie finally draws a line in the savanna.

SECRETS  As Doctor Melanie Kato settles into her practice as a thoracic and vascular surgeon on her home island of Maui, her life is full and robust. Except for one thing: love and romance with a good man. Dating on an island is more difficult than navigating a minefield, and Melanie has first-hand experience at both. At the insistence of her best friend, she once again throws her hat into the dating ring. As soon as she does, she finds she’d rather tiptoe between mines than men. When they begin to come and go a little too often, Melanie finds respite and dating advice in one of her best friends.

FUTURE  This is a fun story of Melanie’s bizarre honeymoon where everything goes wrong, but the happy couple has fun anyway! One portion of trouble and a healthy portion of humor make their new family life fun!

KAHUNA  Melanie Kato has it all. She is living in her hometown on Maui with her new husband, a career she loves, and maybe best of all, a baby on the way! That’s not all she has, though.

DIRECTIVE  Surprises abound in this story of politics, international intrigue, war, and human determination. Melanie travels to  Syria to perform surgery on a reclusive leader of a secessionist faction battling for rights and freedom in their homeland. No sooner is the surgery done than Melanie is embroiled in combat–with guns and bullets, ideas and beliefs, and hearts and willpower as weapons! But will she be brave enough for all the contests that are waiting for her?

NANO  A murder mystery with international implications! Melanie Kato dives head first into the business of cancer research when she builds a lab at West Maui Medical Center. She is determined to find a better way of treating cancer than disfiguring surgery and toxic chemicals. Coming up with the idea of creating minuscule robots that would attack and destroy tumors, she discovers the science is lacking and sets about to develop the techniques herself. But when competitors come sniffing around looking for her data, trouble starts–and ends in murder!

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