Here are a few pictures of Melanie and her adventures. Maybe you can recognize the scenes from some of her stories?

Who is this at the beach

Melanie on the beach at Ka’anapali trying to decide on her future in “Away” (What would you have done? Minded the good judgement of your mother, or followed the uncertain trail Melanie blazed for herself?)

helicopter-3003937 (1)

Sikorsky HH-60 Pave Hawk: the ‘Bad Karma’ coming in for a landing in “Faith”. Just a quick tour: the tubular thing at the top is one of the twin turbine engines; the stick at the front is the refueling stick; the black knob on the nose is the ‘PAVE’, orĀ Precision Avionics Vectoring Equipment; the panel on the side with the double windows is the port side sliding door where they would load and unload. Inside is the deck where Melanie treated her wounded. (Would you fly around on one of those with Melanie and her crew?)

Melanie and Collins diving at Kaho'olawe

Melanie and Collins scuba diving at Kaho’olawe in “Risk”. (Scuba is fun, but while looking for bombs and torpedoes? Not for me, thank you very much!)

Skiing at Tahoe

Skiing for a DareWear advertising job at Tahoe from “Risk” (Would you take the Double Diamond run in a blizzard?)

ready to start!.jpg

Ready to start her “Quest” in the Olympics! (Okay, so the girl in the picture has a Greek flag on her cap, but she looks just like Melanie, right?)

Going to the Pongo River

A fun day on safari on the road down to the Pongo River in “Mission” (Lions, leeches, and poachers, oh my!)


Their Bench.jpg

Is this the Kato Family bench at Ka’anapali Beach? Mighty special place if it is! (Seems like it needs a few coconut palms for shade, right?)

Just one question. Is Josh a lucky guy for having met Melanie? Or is she too high maintenance for any man? And what about her mom, June? Is she a difficult to please lady or what? Take a look below for a few scenes from her Island Breeze stories.

Ala Wai Marina

The Ala Wai Marina, where June and her friends start their ill-fated trip in “Adrift”.


Their yacht from “Adrift”. (Sorry, no pictures of anarchists!)

June and Melanie on Waikiki Beach

Is that June in the striped shirt and little Melanie in the blue on Waikiki in “Ghost of a Chance”?

Denny's Waikiki

Denny’s at Waikiki! Who liked going there so much in “Ghost of a Chance”? (Hint: not June!)

A road near Volcano Village, the lower slopes of Mauna Loa

The little road through Volcano Village, where June stayed at the convent in “Orchids and Ice”.

Near Volcan Village, is this a driveway or a road

Talk about roughing it! This is the driveway to the convent.

Mauna Loa Road up to the lookout. This is the area that looks like a ghost forest, with dead trees bleached white

The route June took on her lonely marathon run in “Orchids and Ice”. (This and the next two pictures are the Mauna Loa Road near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii, a real place that would be exactly 26 miles, round trip.)

Mauna Loa Lookout

The turn around point in her marathon at 6000 ft elevation, where she had water bottles hidden (but the ranger lady found them!) From that viewpoint, you can see the smoke rising from the volcano in the distance, and the ocean beyond that.

Mauna Loa Road

And the way back down again. Whew!

Steam vent inside the HVNP, site of a gruesome (but ficititious!) murder in Orchids and Ice

Uh oh! A volcanic steam pot! Where is the yellow crime scene tape? (That hazy stuff coming out is steam and smells like sulfur.)

I've always thought that Ohia Everywhere would be a good title for a mystery.jpg

Just so you know what the ohia tree and flower looks like. Pele’s special flower!

Okay, Melanie learned to surf from her mother on the gentle waves at Olowalu on Maui. Below are a few of the beaches where Melanie goes surfing, and the beach at Ka’anapali across the road from their home.

ka'anapali beach

Ka’anapali Beach, across the road from Melanie and June’s house.

olowalu beach

Olowalu Beach, where Melanie learns to surf and teaches Josh. (And an important location in Molokai Madness!)

Peahi surf

Peahi on the north shore of Maui, also known as “Jaws”, a famous spot for international surf competitions, and for daredevil surfers from around the world.

If you have suggestions or would like to see more pictures of Melanie or June, or even Keiko and Megumi, let us know at our contact page!





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