The Honolulu Thriller Series

This series will take you from the times of Keiko Tamura’s naive youth to her working with a partner supporting Homeland Security’s efforts to keep terrorism off the shores of Hawaii. 

When Maui native Keiko Tamura leaves home for the riches of Honolulu, she leaves behind her youth and friends. Along with them, she leaves behind her father–her only family–which breaks her heart. With mounting bills and her father’s failing health troubling her with every waking moment, Keiko Tamura finds only one solution to getting more money: to enter the dark life of late night entertainment.
Once she finds how much money can be extracted from the pockets of horny tourists and lonely businessman, she goes deeper looking for more. Side stepping trouble in her quest for money, she tumbles further into the depths of greed. But can she get back out again?
Fighting organized crime, a man obsessed with drugging women, and with her father in her heart, her true spirit emerges, one day at a time.

Keiko Tamura deals with the scum of the world on two Hawaiian islands, her hometown on Maui and her adopted home of Honolulu. From the corruption of one of Maui’s biggest money-making enterprises to fending off the advances of two men, she has nowhere to hide when times turn tough. Taking on the good name of an old friend, can she get her revenge before she’s discovered?
After learning how to hack into corporate computers, Keiko is pressured into taking on the big dogs of the corporate world. She uses trickery, deception, even a disguise to impersonate a dead hooker to weasel her way into a job right under the noses of the perpetrators of her father’s death. But when she begins to learn secrets buried behind passwords and social engineering, she discovers her life is in more danger than ever before.
Her quest for revenge might end up being a mad dash for her life!

Against her better judgment, a lonely young woman joins forces with the feds to investigate suspicious activities on the tropical Island of Lanai. Behind those activities are foreigners from a hermit kingdom that the US government would love to expose. Cloistered away from the rest of the world in the lap of luxury, are these strangers deceptive spies, organized crime gangsters, or simply visitors wanting privacy and quiet? No one comes to visit, they don’t go out for sightseeing, and their rent is paid up for months in advance. With nothing to look forward to in her future, Keiko volunteers to lend a hand in finding out who they are.
Her first big job as a government asset, Keiko’s pay for doing what seems like a simple job couldn’t be better. She even gets trained up to the job by Homeland Security. As soon as she gets to Lanai with her new partner, Keiko discovers there is more to the job than meets the eye–much more. Trying to hide the fact she is working for a powerful agency, she gets far too involved with someone who should only be left alone. It isn’t long before the simple job turns to dangerous international intrigue, and while Keiko’s sense of morality is tested, the life of a city hangs in the balance.
Before she can call in help, ticking clock silence is broken by short bursts of gunfire, and dedication between new friends is tested in this boiling cauldron of suspense.

Federal asset Keiko Tamura expects guns, bombs, and all manners of thrills in her daily life. What really gets under her skin is the deceit and desperate measures that create those thrills.
Keiko and her roommate Megumi join forces once again when Honolulu is threatened by terrorists, just when a major fashion show comes to town. On the heels of that is an international summit meeting slated for Diamond Head, something that draws the attention of world powers far and wide. Too many visitors show up for security forces to keep track of, keeping the pair running from one end of Waikiki to the other. At odds with each other over that timeless conflict–the attention of a man–can they work together to eliminate the explosive threats? And will they survive this latest test, not just romantic conflict in their friendship but their very lives?

In what looks to be their easiest job for the feds yet, Homeland Security assets and best friends Keiko and Megumi head off to the tropical rain forests of Hawaii to retrieve a stolen laptop computer.
Easy until things go wrong, and when they do, they deep-six in a hurry.
High on the verdant slopes of Mauna Loa, their lives change forever during a shootout meant for someone else. Fighting time and death, there is a mad dash to the hospital, a trip to the gun store, and a visit with the neighborhood pusher. With each passing day, the pressure rises, and so do the stakes in this murderous game of cat and mouse.
In the end, too much is at play to just turn and walk away. Even if the pair tried, the feds would have other ideas about their future. It isn’t long before they’re forced to wrest back control of their lives and fates, carving a new future–even if it takes one drop of blood at a time.




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