Maile Spencer

Meet Maile Spencer, and her cozy mystery series from Kay Hadashi, with fun characters, plots, schemes, and deceit!


AWOL at Ala Moana After losing her job, Maile Spender needs money in a hurry. Setting aside her ego to work for her brother-in-law, she gets a job as a tour guide in her hometown of Honolulu. On her first day, Maile realizes the tourists know more about world famous island sights than she does. Once their attention drifts, the trouble starts. When the drunk in the tour group staggers off, Maile goes in search of him. What she finds is a dead man next to a dumpster–and the knowledge that she’s the worst tour guide ever. She’d simply like to walk away from the drama, until she feels the clasp of handcuffs on her wrists.

BAFFLED AT THE BEACH Maile wants to put her first week as tour guide behind her by sleeping in. An unexpected phone call changes everything.

COFFEE IN THE CANAL When tour guide Maile eases her kayak into the Ala Wai Canal, it’s for a day of fun in the sun and to help clean junk from the famous Waikiki waterway. What she never expects is to find a small fortune that belongs to no one.

DEAD AT DIAMOND HEAD Tour guide Maile gets in hot water when she finds a dead body in a most unusual place.

HONEY OF A HURRICANE Suspense storms into Maile’s life when she makes new friends nobody could ever want.

KEEPERS OF THE KINGDOM Maile enlists the help of two young friends in her search for precious Hawaiian artifacts.

MALICE AT THE PALACE Maile leads the tour of a lifetime to Honolulu’s fabled Iolani Palace.

PERIL AT THE POTLUCK Maile faces her greatest threat yet, one to her Hawaiian soul, in this twisting tale of cozy secrets and confessions.


Maile Spencer is back in action with a new series that promises just as much fun, just as much trouble, and maybe even a little romance!

ALMOST HOME As soon as Maile Spencer is home from her military service as a nurse, she sets off to see the world!

BEACH BUMMED Maile Spencer and her troop of Girl Scouts stumble upon a dead body at the beach. That was the best part of their campout.

COCOA NUTS What could possibly go wrong when chocolate and caffeine are on the menu? Tour guide Maile Spencer finds out in a hurry!

DOUBLE TROUBLE What can go wrong with a wedding in paradise? If Maile Spencer is involved, anything!

FOOL’S GOLD All Maile Spencer wants to do is to take a quick trip to the mainland, attend a funeral, and log some running mileage. What could go wrong on April Fool’s Day?

GOING FOR BROKE Maile Spencer almost enjoys finding trouble. Not this time.

HURRAY FOR HAOLEWOOD What can go wrong when Hollywood types cross paths with Honolulu tour guide Maile Spencer? A lot!

KINGDOM OF GOLD They say you can never go back. Maile never wanted to be there the first time.

LOST HORIZON A Game of Cat and Mouse on an Olympic Level in Death Valley!

PUSHING UP ORCHIDS A deathly chill goes through a hothouse full of orchids when a world famous grower is found dead, his precious plants clutched in his hands.

SEASICK TO DEATH Maile and Nancy get swept up in the theft of two Hawaiian treasures, and facing the culprits and insurmountable odds, they fight back the best way they know how: by reversing the fortunes of the thieves!

TRIP HAZARD Maile, Steve, and Nancy have a hot time on their Christmas honeymoon!

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