The June Kato Intrigue Series

The June Kato Intrigue Series includes murder mysteries, medical suspense, Japanese culture, and thrills from the very beginning. Everyone at Kay Hadashi Novels hopes readers will have a great experience with our books! Start at the beginning with Kimono Suicide or jump in anywhere!

KIMONO SUICIDE is a fast-paced murder mystery featuring Dr. June Kato, prominent LA neurosurgeon. The mystery starts when she finds a dead body in her traditional Japanese garden. The big question is if the young woman committed ritual seppuku or if she was murdered? In no time at all, June’s life is invaded by police and crime scene investigators. But it falls on June’s shoulders to find the killer, if only to save her own life. Between June’s little garden, models posing in kimono, and a few martial arts skills, this novel is filled with Japanese culture.

STALKING SILK   In this complex serial killer who-dunnit, over-worked surgeon June Kato is at the limit of her patience, even on the best of days. But when a secret admirer turns out to be a serial stalker, her life may change forever.

YAKUZA LOVER   Take a look inside the yakuza in this suspenseful crime mystery. When young women start showing up dead, the police set up a task force to put an end to it. The sting operation needs one person who can fit the bill, someone beautiful enough to pull off the image of being a high-class call girl, and clever enough to out-wit organized crime gangsters. That’s when June Kato gets involved, whether she wants to be or not.

DEADLY CONTACT   In this intriguing medical mystery, Dr. June Kato is enlisted to find the source of an epidemic of serious brain infections. With each passing twist and turn, she gets closer to the truth, eventually exposing a conspiracy that leads straight to the top of hospital administration at two LA hospitals.

ORCHIDS AND ICE  Go on vacation with June Kato as she investigates odd occurrences in Hawaii. It doesn’t stop at odd. When benign threats turn to gruesome murder, June does what she believes is right by going to the police. But her evidence doesn’t match what the police have found. It isn’t long before a mystery she wants nothing to do with leads her into a race for her life!

BROKEN PROTOCOL  When America’s next president is kidnapped, the White House worries. But when he is returned a little worse for wear, the real trouble is only starting. His doctors check him over and discover surgery has been performed. With a few more exams, they find something about President-elect Jack Melendez that the nation shouldn’t know. Working the problem as quietly as they can, the Secret Service, the military, and politicians far and wide join forces with the one person who can save the day: Dr. June Kato. There is plenty of action in this page turner, with a surprise ending nobody expects, especially June!

PRIVATE CONSENT   Secret Service agents, bodyguards, and a body double can’t keep June Kato out of trouble on a trip to Greece.
Even before she arrives, things are going wrong. She accompanied a diplomatic delegation headed to an important summit meeting, and they brought some trouble with them. Meeting them there are protesters, who quickly turn into rioters. Tempers flare, accusations are made, and fists connect with jaws. When the Secret Service tries to protect Jack Melendez, June’s new lover, life and times on the sunny island get even worse. Identities are swapped, bullets fly, and a daring rescue is planned.
Los Angeles has never felt so safe in all her life, and for as beautiful and romantic as Rhodes is, June only wants to go home.

FOREIGN DECEIT    When June Kato visits Tokyo, it’s with sightseeing in mind. Little does she realize that she is in for a lot more than temples and gardens.
Taking one last stab at her past modeling career, June helps her sister open a new fashion company in Japan by doing some posing. Neighborhood crime bosses don’t like the idea of foreigners moving into their turf, and quickly take matters into their own hands. When June finds a body of a troublesome coworker in an alley, she takes it as a message from one family to another. Everybody denies knowing anything about the death of the man, but there are too many clues that say otherwise. Impossible promises are made and dirty money is exchanged in the back room of a seedy bar, but when the sun rises in the east, little has changed.
With the help of artificial intelligence, or maybe in spite of it, lies and deceit are brushed aside until dark secrets are exposed in this suspenseful murder mystery. Now available!

MISTAKEN IDENTITY   June Kato plans one last weekend with Jack before the inauguration, but before it can even get started, trouble starts. When the Secret Service turn him around for the safety of calmer weather, June arrives at a private ski lodge in the mountains. When an avalanche hits and buries the lodge beneath a blanket of snow and ice, the trouble is just beginning. When a dead body is discovered, it’s obvious murder has been committed. But was the murder meant for America’s next president? Or for someone else? (This should be available for pre-order in June of 2023.)



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