The Island Breeze Series

When June Kato has had enough of her hectic life in Los Angeles, she makes the move to Maui. But first, she makes one stop along the way: at the White House to see the President. The Island Breeze Series is filled with suspense, trouble, and lots of Hawaiian folklore–and maybe a ghost or two!

ISLAND SPIRIT   Dr. June Kato has held secrets but not like the ones she has now.
Only wanting to escape the close scrutiny of the paparazzi in LA and to turn over a new leaf, a new house, new job, and a new beginning are exactly what she needs in life. June stuns everyone when she announces her move to Maui. When she packs her bags for tropical bliss, she takes a few secrets with her.
June finds Maui isn’t all sunsets and sandy beaches when trouble starts on her first day at work. As she struggles to save the life of a beloved island resident, she stumbles into the bad graces of hospital administration and the disdain of a fellow surgeon. When everyone seems out to get her, she meets the Baxters, the family of her first patient, a group concerned as much for June as they are for their cousin in the ICU who refuses to wake up after surgery. Then things get even more confusing when a spiritual kahuna gets involved, not just with the unconscious Kekoa Baxter, but with June’s secret.
Join June as she struggles to learn island ways, find a dangerous criminal, uncover a conspiracy, all while keeping her secret off the evening news!

HONOLULU HOSTAGE   Honolulu is full of cemeteries, and the legendary ghost stories that go with them. Hearing about a few of the more famous ghosts on a visit to the famous tropical city, pregnant neurosurgeon June Kato plans on keeping a low profile to avoid contact. Until she discovers her bed and breakfast is haunted by leper from Hawaii’s past.
Attending a medical conference, she is quickly convinced to assist a local surgeon in a long and difficult surgery. What she doesn’t realize is that the tides of passion and politics run deep in Honolulu, and soon she is knee-deep in trouble–with a pistol pointed at her head. The real discovery comes when the person holding her hostage in an operating room has more to do with the ghosts haunting the neighborhood than what anyone could ever predict.
All June wanted was a quiet weekend in an air-conditioned room and attend the conference. What she gets is a hot time in the old town that night!

MAUI TIME  On the tropical Valley Isle of Maui, everything is done at the speed of “Maui Time”–when someone gets to it. For Dr. June Kato, it means her baby will be born when it is good and ready to finally join the family. And it might not be at the most convenient time!
Only days before her due date, June is at the end of her wits when her home is invaded by poisonous creatures. Ordinarily tougher than nails, June’s real concern is about protecting her baby. Concerned pregnant women all over Maui have been dying from scorpion stings, June steps in to find out this little piece of paradise is under attack. Can she follow the twists and turns to discover what–or who–is responsible for the untimely deaths before her own baby comes? And what will she risk to bring it to an end?
Follow June as she turns Maui time upside-down, racing from the craziness of island living straight into the delivery room!

BIG ISLAND BUSINESS  Dr. June Kato is enlisted to help with a long and difficult surgery on an island kahuna in a small town hospital. When she gets there, June discovers the hospital is downhill from a flood of molten lava, picking up speed with each passing day. Seeing trouble coming, the other surgeons abandon the case mid-stream, leaving June behind with a critically ill patient that can’t be moved.
Forced into an act she would rather avoid, June calls upon other-worldly help in this ghostly story of panic and escape. When the crisis hits the fan, can she rely upon man and machine as much as island legend?

ADRIFT  Never having been a yacht type of person, it took a little convincing to get June Kato to join her friends on a boat tour of the Hawaiian Islands. But with nothing else better to do that week, she packed a bag and took the hand of the man she was in love with, and went off in search of adventure.
On another island, a small group had come together, planning to protest the plight of the Hawaiians on an isolated isle. In a community meeting room, lawyers, military advisers, disgruntled island residents, and tour operators gathered to hash out new policies. But it was what was brewing over the distant horizon that should’ve concerned them all as a hurricane of trouble headed for all of them in this sea adventure!

MOLOKAI MADNESS  When June Kato takes her daughter Melanie to Molokai for a wedding, they never expect to have so much fun. Most of their adventures that weekend are filled with ghost hunts, from the beaches, across lava fields, and even in their bed and breakfast inn. Until they stumble across a pair of ancient skeletons on the hidden cave and things take a turn.
There might be one ghost too many in this story of old Hawaiian battles–and the ghosts that still haunt a small tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

GHOST of a CHANCE  Dr. June Kato’s dedication to hard work and perfection in her career took her to the top. Now that June has a young daughter, she puts just as much pressure on herself to be the perfect mother. Taking up running for stress relief, that too becomes a quest for reaching beyond her grasp. Her bubble finally bursts when she finds a lump in her breast.
Once she begins treatment for cancer, she quickly learns that beating cancer will be the biggest challenge of her life. June assembles the best team she can around her, doctors and therapists, her family and friends, even her therapy cat, pitching in every way they can to share her burden. Along the way, she gets help from some powerful but unseen forces, but in the end, it’s her battle to fight.



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