The Maui Mystery Series

COMING SOON! “A Quest for Murder”

This new mystery series is a spinoff from the Melanie Kato Adventure Series. You’ll recognize your favorite characters from past books, and meet a few new ones as murders befall the peaceful Hawaiian Islands!


All is bliss on Maui, at least until a mangled body washes ashore on one of the island’s most popular beaches.

After a quick look by the coroner, the police get involved and label it as a murder. As island mayor, surgeon, and expectant mother, Melanie Kato has other things on her mind than death. But as they say, curiosity kills the cat, and she joins the three-ring circus when the investigation begins. Complicating her life as mayor is the discovery that ancient Hawaiian artifacts have been stolen from the local museum, irreplaceable treasures with haunted histories. Police resources are already stretched thin, and when Melanie sifts through clues and contends with devious characters, she only makes things worse. Mired right in the middle of both investigations, Melanie’s spare time disappears as she struggles to find peace on her beloved island, while resolving two compelling mysteries, welcoming a new baby, and trying to keep her family in one piece.


Anyone up for a round of golf on one of Maui’s premiere courses? Be careful of that giant water hazard on the left, and the bunkers on the right! These traps are deadly!

When a visiting Japanese businessman never shows up to play a round of golf with Maui mayor and surgeon Melanie Kato, she finds a replacement to fill in the foursome. But the sunny day in tropical paradise doesn’t last long when a dead body turns up on the golf course. Digging a little to find the truth and the culprit only makes a mess of things, and whenever the mother of two young kids tries to step back from the investigation, she gets involved even more.

With one last scoop of dirt in search of clues, the truth is finally told, making it personal for Melanie and her family. But it might be too late, when guns are pointed and threats are made. To win a match bigger than a round of golf, she must measure every word and deed very carefully, not just her own, but everyone involved.


When a rowboat washes ashore on a beautiful resort beach on Maui, it brings trouble with it.
A vacationing couple is found dead in the rowboat, along with a mysterious little teddy bear. As soon as the police get involved, they discover Maui Mayor and prominent surgeon, Melanie Kato, isn’t far away from the crime. But when they cut open the bear, they find more evidence than what Melanie can explain.
Her life is already overflowing with in-laws, a funky new nanny, and a busy hospital practice. Toss in an inquisitive four-year-old daughter and a baby that needs more attention than Melanie can give him, and something has to give. Making one hard decision after another is nothing new to Melanie, but when it involves her husband while trying to clear herself of heinous crimes, she is pushed to the edge on a moonlit night in the tropics.


A day of relaxation takes a wrong turn when a dead body is discovered at a popular Maui spa.
‘Mayor Melanie’ as she is known to most people on Maui is quickly thrust into another mystery when a co-worker is found dead in the massage room at her friend’s spa. She has enough trouble in her life, with her young kids’ secret special abilities, her husband on the loose, and her entire life seemingly under reconstruction. One problem follows another, and she can’t seem to shake any of them.
When Melanie’s best friend is implicated in what has been determined a murder, it’s a little too much to take. But when someone comes after her and the kids, Melanie has had enough and goes on the offensive. She puts her foot down–literally–to put an end to the trouble that plagues her family and friends.
Or does it?


Melanie and the kids visit Lana’i in “A Down to Earth Murder”!

Maui mayor and surgeon Melanie Kato goes to the neighboring island of Lana’i so she can fill in for a vacationing surgeon, taking her young family along. What starts out as a peaceful adventure quickly turns dramatic when trouble drops into her life in the middle of the night. Getting a closer look at who has delivered her latest headache, she gets a surprise that won’t soon leave her mind.

As soon as the police get involved, her dramatic arrival on the island turns into a soap opera, with more twists and turns than she can handle. Something isn’t right in the misty skies over Lana’i, and not everyone is playing fair. But by the time she figures out who the dirtiest characters are, she’s sky-high with trouble–and plunging back to Earth again could be deadly!


Melanie Kato takes her young family to Molokai for Halloween and a fun getaway weekend, but a storm is headed in their direction.

Trick or Treat just happens to fall on the akua full moon, the one night nightmarchers emerge from their graves in search of lost souls. When they come marching for the Hawaiian house in which Melanie and the kids are staying, trouble begins, and Melanie finds out how authentic the place really is. When the storm crashes into the house, it brings ghastly beasts and soulless ghosts with it. But when their only friends at the house turn on them, kidnapping part of Melanie’s family and holding them for a frightful ransom, she calls in a few spirit favors of her own.

Will they be doomed to walk Molokai on every full moon forever, or will faith, bravery, and magic save their lives?


One heroine…too many villains…not enough justice

Melanie Kato has Christmas week off from work and the kids, and all she wants to do is surf the winter swell on her home island of Maui. But trouble comes calling when her house burns to the ground and she has a good idea who did it. Unable to let it go, she backburners everything until she finds the culprit in a seedy bar having one laugh too many.

But will the police get there in time to help her apprehend Hawaii’s Public Enemy Number One?


A Mother Being Hunted

When gunshots ring out, breaking the calm of a saturday morning, Melanie ducks for cover. But not for long.

Enemies old and new team up when coming after Melanie Kato. It isn’t enough that they burned down her house and trashed her reputation. This time, they’ve come for blood, and they aren’t stopping until they get it. It just happens to fall on one of her most stressful weeks ever, with giving up the keys to City Hall to a man she has sworn to despise, getting her mind ready for a huge surf contest, building a new house, and saving lives at the hospital. When gunfire erupts too close to her kids, it’s time to take control of her family life back from the Secret Service, the police department, and from her soon-to-be ex-husband.

But when Melanie puts her foot down, it’s on the accelerator of the trouble in her life.

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