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Almost Home is now available at Amazon!

As soon as Maile Spencer is home from her military service as a nurse, she sets off to see the world!
Her first stop is to give someone a kick in the pants. Leaving him behind, she lands in England for an unusual journey to the charming Cotswolds. She doesn’t stop there, and heads off to romantic Tuscany in search of gladiators, or at least someone who looks like one. Africa beckons with the chance to get up close and personal with wild animals, and a trip down the Nile River on a steamer holds the opportunity to float her boat in ways she’s never dreamed. But leave it to Maile to have more fun watching snow fall in a convent that anywhere else! Join Maile as she soars into the next chapter of her life in Almost Home!

Beach Bummed is now available!

When Maile Spencer gets home from her world tour, she barely has time to take a deep breath before she’s off and running into the fates that await her!
The first thing she does is get roped into taking a troop of Girl Scouts on a merry campout on the beach. Merry until they find a dead body. Then their troop leader goes missing in action, and a squad of Marines makes a late night amphibious invasion of their campsite. Oh, and did I mention that somebody forgot to bring pancake syrup?
It isn’t long before clues emerge linking Maile to the body, and before she can find an alibi, she’s stuck in the middle of a murder mystery that’s not going to solve itself. Christmas and the New Year’s holidays have never been so much fun as this year!

Cocoa Nuts is now available as a pre-order at Amazon!

What could possibly go wrong when chocolate and caffeine are on the menu? Tour guide Maile Spencer finds out in a hurry!
Maile lands in hot water when she leads a tour to Big Island chocolate tasting rooms. Things take a turn for the worse when the group has a little too much chocolate and caffeine and decide to change Maile’s carefully planned schedule. While she drives around town like a little old lady, they go on a buying spree. As strange as her tour gets, Maile never expects to be tied to a bedpost by the end of the day.
Then things get even worse.
Join Hawaii’s favorite tour guide as Maile begs, borrows, and steals her way back to the real world–whatever that is in Hawaii!


Gina Santoro Mysteries

Unknown Victim is now available at Amazon!

Gina Santoro is a young Clevelander, and while still in police training, finds a little too much trouble while out on patrol one night. Making the tough decision to step away from the family trade of police work, she eventually finds herself in Honolulu working in the landscape business. But trouble catches up to her in the form of a dead body on her front porch one morning. That catapults Gina into a police investigation of her new family, new friends, and even a new enemy or two.

Gina’s next book–Hidden Agenda

There are better things to do in Hawaii on a sunny day than go on a free skydiving trip. Just ask Gina Santoro while she parachutes into a murder mystery she’ll never forget! Whether it was horrible accident, death by misadventure, or an act of murder, Gina gets a bird’s eye view when a man falls past her, only to perform a world-class belly flop in the ocean from 5000 feet. While police detectives posture, and FBI agents chase their tails, Gina and her sister take the investigation by the horns. Following leads from one end of Honolulu to the other, they discover how complicated a teenaged girl’s life can be while on the run from the government. Gina has a house full of fun when her sister comes for a visit, a runaway moves into a closet, and a glamorous detective asks unanswerable questions. And let’s not forget the crying baby!

Criminal Intent–the last story of Gina’s police adventures in Honolulu. When her mother comes for a visit, life gets complicated with new murders to investigate, and criminals to avoid. When her father drops in, the trouble really starts!


The Maile Spencer Honolulu Tour Guide Mystery Series

This new series features Maile Spencer, a young tour guide who finds more trouble than tips when giving tours of her hometown of Honolulu. Get started with AWOL at Ala Moana today!