The June Kato Legacy Series

The June Kato Legacy Series is a combination of the original June Kato Suspense and Island Breeze Series. A few books have been removed because of low reader interest, others have been combined or included with other novels, creating this new series. Everyone at Kay Hadashi Novels hopes new readers will have a great experience in reading our novels! Dip your toe in with Kimono Suicide or jump in almost anywhere!

KIMONO SUICIDE is a murder mystery featuring Dr. June Kato, LA neurosurgeon and ex-fashion model. The mystery starts when she finds a dead body in her traditional Japanese garden, but was the unfortunate young woman murdered or did she commit ritual seppuku? In no time at all, June’s life is invaded by police and crime scene investigators, during an already busy week getting ready for her last fashion photo shoot. Between June’s little garden, the beautiful kimono worn during a fashion photo shoot, and a few martial arts skills, this novel is filled with Japanese culture.

ORCHIDS AND ICE  Follow June Kato as she investigates odd occurrences while on vacation in Hawaii, from one side of the island and back again. Barely out of the airport, she meets the local law authority. The Chief of Police seems to have it in for June, especially after she returns to the station to give a witness statement for a brutal crime she has witnessed. It isn’t long before a mystery she wants nothing to do with leads her into an adventure.

BROKEN PROTOCOL  When a top diplomat–and America’s next president–is kidnapped while out of the country, the White House worries. But when he is returned, the real trouble is only starting. When his doctors check him over, they discover surgery has been performed. With a few more exams, they find something about President-elect Jack Melendez that the nation shouldn’t know. Working the problem as quickly as they can, the Secret Service, the military, and politicians far and wide join forces with the one person who can save the day: Dr. June Kato. There is plenty of action in this page turner, with a surprise ending nobody expects, especially June!

ISLAND SPIRIT  After leaving behind her career in LA to live on Maui, Dr. June Kato discovers starting over again won’t be easy. A new hospital and colleagues await, along with an old house that needs more than just a feminine touch to make it a home. Plus, her first week at work brings far more surprises than what she ever could have anticipated. June’s first day on the job starts with a bang when she is called in to assist in emergency surgery on one of Maui’s most beloved residents, a man nearly murdered while at work in the hospital. The trouble doesn’t stop there, but seems to follow her everywhere she goes, with a surgeon who has it in for her, a secret that needs to be kept close to her heart, and a kahuna that knows too much.

MAUI TIME  On the tropical Valley Isle of Maui, everything is done at the speed of “Maui Time”–when someone gets to it. For Dr. June Kato, it means her baby will be born when it is good and ready. And it might not be at the most convenient time! Only days before her due date, June is at the end of her wits when her home is invaded by poisonous creatures. Concerned pregnant women all over Maui have been dying from scorpion stings, June steps in to find out why this little piece of paradise is under attack. Can she follow the twists and turns to discover what–or who–is responsible for the untimely deaths before her own baby comes? And what will she risk to bring it to an end? Follow June as she turns Maui time upside-down, racing from the craziness of island living straight into the delivery room!

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