Halloween is fast approaching, and the decorations are going up in every neighborhood. Plastic skeletons, foam gravestones, polyester spider webs, and ghouls hanging from trees. And don’t forget that giant bowl of treats for the kids!

If you’re looking for something fun and maybe a little creepy to read  while waiting for Trick or Treaters, take a look at this group of ghost story novellas set in Hawaii.




Three Ghost Stories of Hawaii

Nanotechnology gone wrong!

Science is for sale in this thrilling novel of murder, deception, and identity swapping! In the emerging world of nanotechnology, the study of tiny but complex robots, powerful computers and expensive programs are needed to do the work. Unfortunately, not all scientists are trustworthy. Some are greedy, while others will resort to anything necessary to get a head start.

Even murder.

When Melanie Kato MD throws her hat into the nanotech ring, she discovers research science is a lot more dangerous than she ever could’ve guessed. When murder and mayhem strike too close to home, Melanie goes on the offensive. Just as she gets the perpetrators of heinous crimes in her cross-hairs, she gets the surprise of a lifetime.

Join Melanie and her family and friends as she rids Maui of criminals in this exciting tale of death and deception!

Take a look at Nano, available only at Amazon.


Stranded and alone in war-torn Syria!

Have you been following the events in Syria? ISIL and their Caliphate? Russians, Assad, factionist leaders, and Marines? Chemical weapons and cruise missiles? Here is a novel that includes it all!


DIRECTIVE, by suspense and thriller author Kay Hadashi. Now available at Amazon!

When thoracic surgeon Melanie Kato contracts with the federal government to perform delicate life saving surgery on a factionist leader in Syria, she never realizes just how tricky the job is until she gets there. The local hospital is far below basic standards, the patient is nowhere to be found, and to make life particularly difficult, there is artillery shelling and gunfights throughout the city every night. It turns out that the easiest part of the job is doing delicate heart surgery on a man who could be healthier.

When it’s time for Melanie’s team to leave the country, she knows her patient isn’t out of the woods quite yet. She sticks around for one more day to watch over him, but soon discovers that was a huge mistake. Powerful missiles pepper the city, coming closer than ever. When they finally get too close, she and a buddy make a mad dash for safety.

But can Melanie safely find her way back home to her family, fighting through territory held by Russians, Syrian Nationalists, and ISIL terrorists? Dodging suicide bombers and IEDs, and armed with only a rifle and low on ammunition, she takes on enemies seen and unseen in this powerful story of personal resistance and human perseverance!